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Do You Know The Most Important Thing About Keyword Research ?o you know what the single most important thing in search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is? It's the proper keyword research! If you go wrong with this,
I can guarantee that all your further efforts will be in vain. Read on and I'll tell you exactly why...

Imagine opening up the ever popular Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool...

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool
      You do some research and find a keyword that reportedly has had 43,000 searches in recent weeks. You think - WOW, great keyword with lots of traffic potential, I'm going to optimize a web page for this!

      Let's say that you manage to secure Top 3 position for your keyword in Google results. What is your reaction when you finally find out that you're actually receiving mere 3 visitors per day?

      What if you find out that you chose a keyword that is accidentally so competitive that you're buried under hundreds or thousands of Google results, receiving no traffic at all? I bet this breaks your heart and you'll see $$$ signs melting away right in front of your eyes...Heartbreak

You spent valuable time on keyword research, optimized your web page properly and pointed incoming links to your masterpiece.

Why on earth aren't you rewarded with heaps of fresh traffic now?

      I'll tell you why! Most of these free keyword research tools are total bulls*** in terms of providing accurate information plus it's fairly easy to make a mistake in the keyword selection process if you have little or no experience in this field.

So, what do you need for finding out the best keywords?

      You need several paid tools, lots of patience and years of accumulated knowledge to actually discover hundreds of golden keywords that are efficient enough to consider optimizing web pages around them.

      What I just told you, applies 100% to PPC advertising too! Really? How? PPC advertising is totally different from free search engine optimization, isn't it?

      Yes and no. Of course PPC advertising is different kind of advertising method but it starts with exactly the same - proper keyword research.

      What happens if you choose to use the same free keyword tools for your PPC campaign research? Chances are that you'll end up with (several) hundred keywords - keywords that are so expensive, they would eat up your ad budget with the blink of the eye, unless you're a really big corporation.

      So what's the catch here? Again, you need proper tools, lot's of time and knowledge to do the job. Your purpose should be to find several thousand (not several hundred) keywords that are actually searched for. Then you should determine, one-by-one, which phrases have lots of competing ads vs which don't, and concentrate on the last ones.

Time - Experience - Tools

      You see - keyword research takes time, requires lots of experience and proper tools.

      Still it's the only way to start your SEO and PPC campaign if you want to succeed and leave your competitors, scratching their heads, in the dust.

      Ok, let's pretend for the moment that you have followed all the rules and conducted a proper keyword research. What do you think, how does the end result of your research look like? Is it a short list of keywords, is it a long one? Do you have just one list or are there lots of them? If you're not 100% sure about this, then listen up because...

"I'm Going To Tell You EXACTLY, What Kind of keywords and Keyword reports You Should Own After A proper keyword research. If you Really Want To to gain unfair adventage in front of your competitors then you Shouldn't accept anything less than this... "

  • List of keywords you can shoot into Top 10 of Google super easily. This report contains keywords that have ZERO or ONE competing sites in Google.

  • Keywords you can get into Top 10 of Google with very little effort. This list consists of keywords that have minimum 2 searches a day and have maximum 1000 competing sites in Google.

  • “Cream of the crop” keywords that have lots of searches and very little competition. This report contains top 10-25 keywords that have the biggest potential in your niche. By concentrating your efforts only on these keywords, you can pull most of the traffic with minimum effort.

  • Report containing ALL possible keywords in your niche, sorted by the demand. You can use this report to pick out more competitive keywords if you have a well established web site. Or you can use this list to quickly and easily churn out massive list of traffic magnetizing pages with programs like Ranking Power, Traffic Equalizer, MetaWebs etc.

  • Report that has ALL possible keywords in your niche, sorted by effectivity. This is the FULL “Cream of the crop” report .

  • Report with hundreds of sets of grouped keywords within your niche. Each set contains grouped keywords for building super targeted web pages or setting up highly targeted PPC ad groups.

  • Note: These sets can also be utilized as a list of highly relevant secondary keywords to use in addition to your primary keyword. Slip in 4-5 of them to your web page and you have a big chance creating lots of additional traffic.

    Example: Your niche is 'Sony digital camcorders'. Set 'review' contains these phrases - "Sony dcr-trv60e camcorder reviews", "Sony dcr-hc30 reviews", "DCR-TRV260 review" etc.

  • Report with thousands of PPC keywords sorted in alphabetical order. This list lets you quickly create highly targeted ad groups. Example: "car auctions in Ohio", "car auctions in Orange County", "car auctions in Ottawa", "car auctions in VA", "car auctions UK".

  • PPC report with ad analysis where each keyword has been analyzed for the number of competing Google Ad Words and Overture PPC campaigns. Seven or less campaigns in Ad Words mean that you can get your ad on the first page of Google results for just $ 0.05!

  • Example: Keyword 'time magazine' has 4 Ad Words campaigns and 20 Overture campaigns. Obviously this keyword is making money for Overture advertisers but it's overlooked by Ad Words advertisers. You can get your piece of this pie by setting up your own Ad Words campaign for 'time magazine' for only $0.05 per click instead of paying $0.29-$0.52 like Overture advertisers do!

          Do you see why good keyword research should always end up with several reports? It's because every single keyword list benefits you in a different way and helps you get most bang for your efforts. If you simply slap together single list of keywords, you're doing a real disservice to yourself.

    Have you ever thought about how much money you can actually save when you choose the right keywords to build web pages and do PPC advertising? Numbers don't lie so let's take a look at these examples:

    Benefit from "Free search engine traffic"

          Let's say that you discover one golden keyword that other people are paying $0.15 for in PPC engines. If it brings you in just 15 visitors per day from free search engine listings, then how much do you think you can save in a year?

          $0.15 * 15 visitors * 360 days = $810.

          By discovering just one powerful keyword you are saving $810 a year in advertising! How much do you think you will save if you have a list of tens or hundreds of such keywords?

    Benefit from "Pay-Per-Click advertising"

          Assume that an average bid for keyword “pencils” is $0.45. If you can find a similar keyword in the same niche that costs you just $0.05 and brings in only 15 visitors a day then how much can you save in a year?

          ($0.45* 15 visitors * 360 days) - ($0.05* 15 visitors * 360 days) = $2430 - $270 = $2160.

          By using just one overlooked keyword, you can save $2160 a year in PPC advertising! If you could find tens or hundreds of such keywords then you are saving yourself a FORTUNE.


    Right keywords = Best results with minimum effort & least money.

          Think about it. If you knew exactly what the most efficient and profitable keywords in your niche are, you could easily drive thousands of new, targeted visitors to your web site very cheap or no cost at all, couldn't you? Visitors, who would become your lifetime customers, making you money over and over again...

          But remember - if you choose wrong keywords, all your further efforts will be in vain. You will either receive a fraction of visitors you could actually get, OR be buried under your competitors search engine results so you get no traffic at all. And, If you don't get your PPC keywords right, then your advertising budget will quickly dry up like a raisin in the sun!

          Now, imagine that you'll manage to get your keywords right instead! The web pages you build will easily rank in the Top 10 of major search engines. Thousands of visitors arrive to your site every single day, making your sales skyrocket! You will be using low cost PPC keywords, overlooked by anyone else, watching your return of investments (ROI) propel to the new levels!

    Wouldn't you like to get all these powerful keywords in your own niche, WITHOUT spending countless hours on learning the expert keyword research process yourself? If your answer is YES, then...

    “Tell me your niche and I will go out, using the best available tools and advanced knowledge to come back To You and hand over 100% customized keyword reports that you can Start Benefiting From immediately!”

          After extensive research in your niche, you will get exactly the same keyword reports we were discussing about before:

    REPORT #1 - Keywords you can get into Top 10 of Google super easily.

    REPORT #2 - Keywords you can get into Top 10 of Google with very little effort.

    REPORT #3 - “Cream of the crop” keywords that pull most of the traffic with minimum effort.

    REPORT #4 - ALL possible keywords in your niche, sorted by the demand.

    REPORT #5 - ALL possible keywords in your niche, sorted by effectivity.

    REPORT #6 - Grouped keywords for building super relevant web pages and setting up highly targeted PPC ad groups.

    REPORT #7 - Thousands of PPC keywords sorted in alphabetical order, for creating highly targeted ad groups.

    REPORT #8 - PPC report with ad analysis where each keyword has been analyzed for the number of competing Google Ad Words and Overture PPC campaigns.

          All these 8 reports are  easy to read, give you a quick overview and full control so you can conveniently copy keywords into other programs for further use.

          Let me do all the donkey work for you while you sit back and relax. You don't have to spend months, learning how to do all this by yourself because I have ALREADY invested lot's of time into learning how to properly carry out the keyword research. I have built many websites earning me a nice income, based on the same kind of research I'll be doing for you.

    My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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    I guarantee that you'll get more profitable keywords than you can practically put into use within a month or two. Although the amount of available keywords directly depends on the size of your niche, I'll do my very best to help you gain unfair advantage over your competitors.

    Examine the reports, put the keywords into use and enjoy thousands of new, targeted visitors pouring in to your web site, making your sales skyrocket!

    If however, you aren't completely satisfied or feel that I didn't deliver 100% what I told you in this letter, then simply email me and I will promptly refund your money.

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          P.S.     Remember, after in-depth research, you'll get EIGHT, powerful keyword reports, loaded with high potential money making keywords within your own niche. Every single keyword list benefits you in a different unique way, helping you get best results with least efforts.

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