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Hi JJ,

Currently there are two products left that I think, I should concentrate on as our main products (I would recommend these to anyone without a hesitation + they are fresh and hot):
1) Keyword analyzer (by andrew Williams)

2) SEOElite (by Brad Callen) - previous LinkProcter
it now has the same 'find high page rank sites' function built in +
many many others so I think there's no more use of promoting the PrProwler.
This software also comes with a "Google optimization" ebook as a bonus.

I have also found two highly valuable items we could add as a bonus
to make any deal even sweeter:

 1) by Jack Humphrey.
It's a free membership site (was about $27 or so a month before)
that contains huge amount of quality internet marketing materials. Jack is looking for people who could promote this free membership
and promised in return to send the partners promotions into his list
for free in exchange.

 2)  Link Management Assistant (by Duncan Carver) Similar software costs
around $197-$250 but he's giving it away for free now. (probably to
get more opt-in subscribers quickly as he has many backed products) 

It's a totally automated reciprocal linking management &
niche website directory generator.
In the attachment I included research files of individual persons and
our old (now revamped) excel sheet.
I sorted products by categories (diff. colors) + added new worksheets for our
key products (orange cells mark people, who's customers might
be interested in buying this particular product).